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Sundays In Spring

Our goal as an indie netlabel is to favor the intimate, bucolic and melancholic colors. We want to defend musicians who share a similar sensitivity. Visit our website at for more information.

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Sundays In Spring
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Feuerbach come both from Genk, Belgium. This is their first release after a song on a Rarefish compilation Tree we fell in love with. But sadly after this beginning the band went on hiatus. That made us so sad that we started to ask them constantly for more songs. During last spring, they finally accepted to come back to life and to work on a few songs for us. It gave them energy, fervor and desire to let the band grow; Feuerbach is now more alive than ever! These are pure indie pop folk...
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Topics: Folk, Folk/Rock, Lo-Fi
Sundays In Spring
Sep 10, 2004 Sun, Cancelled
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Sun, Cancelled is the solo project of the young Kael Smith. This is his first release. Besides that he is also the leader of the wonderful Bear vs Larger Bear. His songs remind us of Owen, Empress and the most acoustic intimist moments of Slowdive. It makes us dreamy and melancholic. He is a very nice guy. We will hear again of him in the future. This is a beautiful beginning. Thank you for your time and fervour.
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Topics: Acoustic, Indie
Sundays In Spring
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In September, Summer turns slowly into fall. In December, fall turns slowly into winter. But in between them, in mid-October, Fall becomes Autumn The rain doesnt bring green life to grass or flowers. But covers them with mud. Wind means new heavy grey clouds. Cold temperatures start slowly to appear. No ice but everything is getting darker. With the cycle of life and before being nude and bare, trees are wearing festive colours. Walking in forest when the weather gives us some respite is then...
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Topics: Folk/Rock, Indierock